The Hermit

A dark comedy of human greed with a zest of eco terrorism…


Bumbai Bird

A soul is visiting unconscious bodies in the city and looking back in time to understand what happened to them. A compassionate, poetic and realistic look at common lives in Mumbai.

From a treatment, this film has been developed as it was shot, as it was edited, and even the music was improvised on the picture. The result has gone beyond expectations, moved audiences, and we are proud to present this new feature film.


“In the Bumbai Bird’s title, there is Bumbai for the unity of place and Bird like Charlie Parker: Kamal Musale has indeed composed his aerial film as a jazzman. From his improvisation was born, and that’s the height of his performance, a formidably mastered work, which seems to have been previously fully written and drawn, as if Alejandro Gonzalez Innaritu’s Amores Perros had been reincarnated in India.” Thierry Jobin, FIFF director.

Millions Can Walk

a feature documentary by Christophe Schaub and Kamal Musale.

Millions Can Walk is an eye opening documentary about a 400 kilometer protest march by 100,000 indigenous inhabitants and landless farmers from Gwalior to Delhi. Their demand? Their right to existence and obtaining a beneficial Land Reforms Act to provide access to land and livelihood resources to the poor landless, homeless and marginalized communities. With a voice-over providing background history, this narrative documentary is interspersed with interviews of the participants and the minister responsible for handling their ordeal. It shows the multiple facets of this imposing protest march and focuses as well on the daily realities of these proud people.


Commenting on the release of the film, director Kamal Musale, said, Millions Can Walk is the story of a struggle for justice. It’s about a huge and silent mass of people who found a powerful way to claim for their rights. Our movie documents their non violent action, compelling the government to heed them. We wanted to give this historic protest a permanent voice and to inspire people to stand up for their rights.”

Commenting on the release of ‘Millions Can Walk’, the award winning actress Nandita Das was all praise not just for the documentary but also for the non violent struggle and the principles it stands for: “Non violent marches have always been an integral part of India’s struggle against injustice and are considered a momentous way to fight for your cause as it takes a lot of strength to make your point without being aggressive. ‘Millions Can Walk’ tells the story of one such effort by the Adivasis of our country in a very effective way. Surely our country needs more films like these which are made not only for the niche audiences but are also watched by more people because these are stories that need to be seen, told and heard beyond all borders”.

How can one fight for one’s rights without using violence? With such an important contemporary question, the film spreads far beyond the borders of India, it reflects what is happening all over the world: in Brazil, in China, in Indonesia: “all these countries want to catch up as much as they can with the rich countries of the world. They want to be attractive for investments and therefore put productivity first, with disregards to displacement of people because of factories, water dams or reservoir, or other land grabbing issues. The victims are of course the weaker one economically, the indigenous people or the untouchables. Capitalism in this fashion, without guardrails, without ethics or values, is growing as an ever starving uncontrolled monster whose appetite and pollution endangers society at large.”

Barefoot Acupuncturists

Barefoot Acupuncturists is a non-profit organization, providing acupuncture in low-cost clinics to those with insufficient access to healthcare, in slum areas and poor villages in India. They also train new Indian acupuncturists to deal with most common illnesses with that chinese discipline particularly efficient in treatment of pain. Walter Fischer, Ujwala Patil and Jacques Beytrison are the founders. This 15 minutes long documentary is directed by Kamal Musale,produced and financed by Les Films du Lotus, Switzerland, and Curry Western Productions, India.

Bio Cotton with Naturaline and Bio Re

Curry Western Productions produces a series of short films about bio-cotton to better introduce and create awareness to the general public about the huge benefit of organic farming.

Bio Re foundation has been created in 1997 by Coop and Remei AG (Switzerland) to help create a better and viable environment for farmers working in the cotton field, in India and Tanzania, and to provide them with a stable source of income and a positive social environment for them and their families. Naturaline is the natural offspring of this relationship, a brand that embodies values of respect for the people and the environment. Naturaline is the first producer of bio-cotton worldwide.


We have been coproducing a flim with Terre de Hommes, an NGO who cares for children worldwide, about the need for proper toilets to secure children health in India.

Regullanka, a sleepy village nestled in the flood-prone river bank of the Krishna river in Andhra Pradesh, earned a rare distinction. For the first time in Asia, residents of the entire village have embraced an innovative, eco-friendly, waterless toilet – the EcoSan toilet. This toilet change their life forever.
The absence of toilet can lead to major public health issues. Human excreta contains a very high level of bacteria, which, due to open defecation, can easily contaminate water sources. it is one direct source of malnutrition for children, affecting one child out of 4. 
In India, more than 50 % of people practice open defecation, compared to 1 % in China.
By having their own private toilet, safety for women is also largely increased.

Terre des Hommes India – Ecosan Toilets from Kamal Musale on Vimeo.