Terre Des Hommes

2013 Documentary 10'

Kamal Musale
Kamal Musale
Curry Western Productions, India
Terre Des Hommes
Regullanka, a sleepy village nestled in the Krishna river’s flood-prone riverbank in Andhra Pradesh, earned a rare distinction. For the first time in Asia, residents of the entire village have embraced an innovative, eco-friendly, waterless toilet – the EcoSan toilet. This toilet changes their life forever. More than 50 % of people practice open defecation in India, compared to 1 % in China. The absence of a toilet can lead to significant public health issues. Human excreta contain a very high level of bacteria, which, due to open defecation, can easily contaminate water sources. This dirty water is a direct source of malnutrition, affecting one child out of 4. And having their private toilet increases the women’s safety.


Films & Documentary

Kamal Musale is known for directing and producing films and documentaries that won awards and much critical acclaim, screening at prestigious Film Festivals such as Locarno and Cannes.

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