2014 Documentary 40'

Kamal Musale
Andreas Hoessli
Kamal Musale
Shilpika Bordoloi
Curry Western Productions, India
Les Films du Lotus, Switzerland
In the coming years, the post-industrial transformation of our society will influence most of our living conditions. Therefore, it is necessary to transform the means and methods of education and innovation to prepare for this social change. A young design movement is involved in creating a large-scale societal laboratory. After documented trips to Turkey and India, it has found a temporary base in Mulhouse in former disused spinning factories. Students and artists develop practical reflections about the post-industrial society and the cities in which we now live.


Films & Documentary

Kamal Musale is known for directing and producing films and documentaries that won awards and much critical acclaim, screening at prestigious Film Festivals such as Locarno and Cannes.

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