Media interaction with Nandita Das and Kamal Musale at MIFF 2014

After the screening of the documentary ‘Millions can walk’ at Mumbai international film festival, the talented actress Nandita Das shares her support towards the non-violent struggle and to all the people that are contributing with their work to spread and increase the awareness of such movements.

Commenting on ‘Millions can walk’, Kamal Musale said: “We wanted to present it from the point of view of people involved in the march. This is why we had to cast the protagonists in advance and we had to follow them in their villages and saw them in their natural environment before we could follow them during the march”.

Commenting on the release of the film, the actress said: “We think non violence is kind of weakness but I think there is a great amount of strength in this non violence and this is why this march is so special”.  And also “Great things are happing in our country, there are lots of wonderful people who are very quietly doing amazing work but often we don’t have to know”… “Now it’s up to all of us and to the media to spread the word so we create a demand for such films”.

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