Curry Western Produces Indian Content for Western Taste.

Curry Western Productions Pvt Ltd is an Indian company run by Kamal Musale, Beatrice Dolder and Mukesh Singh. We are located in Mumbai since 2009. Curry Western first concern is to produce features films for a western distribution and audience, and therefore develop the projects accordingly. We have experience and we put special effort in casting actors and technicians that will help us tell stories in a way that fits with western needs and preferences. As our taste comes from a western upbringing and education (especially in Switzerland and England), in India we produce films that reflect this taste.

Curry Western is producing “Bumbai Bird”, a feature in Hindi, coproduced with Les Films du Lotus (Switzerland). We have been co-producing “Millions Can Walk”, a feature documentary, with Reck Productions in Zürich (Switzerland) for theatrical distribution in Europe.

We also produced Humanitarian Short movies (Barefoot Acupuncturists, Women In India, Feel Safe, Terre des Hommes), and short documentaries (Manori Island, NRI Wedding).

Curry Western has been line producing for several programs for Swiss, Canadian, French and German broadcasters on different topics all over India, and made also corporate video (Raisoni Group) and commercials (Coop Naturaline).

Curry Western has initiated eurindiamedia (eurindiamedia.org) with its partner Peacefulfish, based in Berlin. Eurindiamedia is a platform with the aim to facilitate coproductions between Europe and India and it is the official representative of the European Film Commission in India.

Together they have produce the European Coproduction Lounge at Mumbai’s Ficci Frames, Asia’s largest convention event, in 2012 and 2013.

Curry Western also created in 2009 The Swiss-Indian Film Bridge and organised mini-festival and business cocktails to facilitate contacts and information between producers of both countries. The SIFB is working with the Swiss Consulate in Mumbai and Bangalore, the Swiss Embassy in Delhi, Swissnex in Bangalore and with the Indian Ministery of Broadcasting.