In Development


BAREFOOT IN BOLLYWOOD – Barefoot in Bollywood  is a contemporary musical, a pastiche of Bollywood’s song and dance films, a comedy set inside the Indian film industry. Through funny and poetic moments, the epic adventure of Khan the filmmaker allow us to see some of the ultimate in kitsch Bollywood sequences, accompanied with a subtle yet entertaining blend of the classic Indian and the modern western, both in music and dance, accommodating Indian spices with occidental vibes.

INDIAN WOMEN TODAY –  Portraits of different Indian women today, sharing their views on the position of women in indian society today. 52’ documentary.




ART INDIA TODAY – 80’/90’ – A wordless feature documentary about the shifting in contemporary culture in India today, in music, sculpture, painting, dance and cooking.

Long-métrage sans paroles sur les mouvances de la culture contemporaine en Inde aujourd’hui, en musique, sculpture, peinture, danse et cuisine.


AN INDIAN IN THE ALPS – feature mockumentary in development : Professor Singh uncovers a new discovery about the source of humanity that challenges all previous theories and create a global maelstrom in the scientific community. In coproduction with Les Films du Lotus (Switzerland).