We coproduced this commercial about the NGO Swissaid who has been working within India for the last 40 years. It has been done for the Swiss audience, and wants to make people aware of domestic violence in a positive way.

Coop Naturaline movie 1- trailer


BioRe India is the largest organic-cotton company in the world, and was founded in 1991. Its objective is to improve small farmers’ livelihood through organic farming of cotton. Farmers are treated as partners receiving agricultural advice and support for the purchase of organic means of production.
Organic farming enables farmers to build up agricultural production on a sound basis giving them increasingly stable income without the need to take out loans for expensive chemicals. This makes farmers less vulnerable financially. bioRe® India supports farmers by means of both a guarantee to purchase their organic cotton and payment of a premium on the local market price.
Coop Naturaline, one of BioRe client, is a label of the big Swiss retail chain Coop. Under this label, textiles made ​​from organic cotton that are produced and processed according to strict social and environmental policies are sold with great success.

Coop Naturaline – movie 2 SANGITA


 Bio Cotton Naturaline


The Raisoni Group of Institution has grown as Central India’s Leading Education Network since the establishment of its first institution in 1998. In 2012, RGI is a fast growing and premier educational group with 28,000 students in over 800 classrooms across Central India. This is a commercial for Indian broddcasters.

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