Bumbai Bird at the FIFF

Bumbai Bird, directed by Kamal Musale, has been selected by the International Film Festival of Fribourg (FIFF), a festival that is focused on selected cultural films from Asia, Africa and Latin America. Our movie will premiere on Thursday the 6th of April at 8 pm, with an unique event: the music of the film will be played live on piano by the talented and well-known  jazz musician Malcolm Braff, who composed the soundtrack with electronic musician Gilles Aubry. This will be the final improvisation touch to this special movie. There will be a second screening Saturday 8th of April, at 8 pm in the main cinema for the closing evening of the festival.



“In the Bumbai Bird’s title, there is Bumbai for the unity of place and Bird like Charlie Parker: Kamal Musale has indeed composed his aerial film as a jazzman. From his improvisation was born, and that’s the height of his performance, a formidably mastered work, which seems to have been previously fully written and drawn, as if Alejandro Gonzalez Innaritu’s Amores Perros had been reincarnated in India.” Thierry Jobin, FIFF director.

Sanyasi The Hermit has been shot !

The Hermit aka Sanyasi, our new production, has been shot, last November and December 2015 !

Sanyasi dir.Kamal Musale, cinematography Piotr Jaxa SCS

Sanyasi director Kamal Musale, cinematography Piotr Jaxa SCS, sound Eric Ghersinu, François Musy


We are happy with the result, the production looks gorgeous and the performances are world class for this original comedy.
We are now in post-production, as editing has started. We will shoot the opening missing scenes in London next month, a 3 days shoot.
We expect a cut in time for the Cannes Film Festival.

The Hermit - 31

Christopher Shyer, Gia Sandhu, Sylvain Reymond

‘Millions can walk’: awarded as best documentary at Indian Film Festival Stuttgart

On Sunday evening, the Indian Film Festival Stuttgart celebrated the end of its 11th edition. In this occasion, it’s with extreme pleasure that we announce that ‘Millions Can Walk’ by Kamal Musale and Christoph Schaub, was awarded with the German Star of India in the category


After attending Cannes Film Market, Curry Western announces a new Belgium coproduction partner

flags cannesAfter attending Cannes film market 2014, we are glad to announce that Curry Western is coming up with a new belgium partner « Free angels ». The two companies, together with Louise production (Switzerland), will coproduce « The Hermit », a black comedy about property and identity, sets in Hampi (India) and at the last stage of the financing process.
We hope that this Swiss, Indian and Belgium coproduction will create the best synergies and will bring good luck for the film development and production.

eurindiamedia at Cannes 2014: how to facilitate international coproductions?

At the beginning of the year, during the FICCI Frames event held in March in Mumbai, eurindiamedia launched a survey in order to better understand how to facilitate international coproductions between India and Europe.

cannes pavilion

In May, during Cannes Film Market, different European and Indian producers have been interviewed with the aim to understand what kind of support they really need. eurindiamedia will go ahead with the research till the end of the year, when results will be published.

MCW’s preview for the French part of Switzerland on April 15th in Geneva

Curry Western is glad to inform you that the preview of “Millions can walk” for the French part of Switzerland will take place on the 15th of April in Geneva. In that occasion, the director Kamal Musale will be glad to answer your questions and interact with the audience. The appointment is at Cinema Bio at 20:30.

MCW Bridge

Please, visit the website for more details:

Millions can walk will be released in the french part of Switzerland on 16th of April

Millions can walk, the documentary about Jansatyagraha – the march for justice – will be released in the French part of Switzerland on the 16th of April.  From that day, the Swiss-French audience will have the opportunity to watch the movie in Geneve, Lausanne, Neuchâtel and La-Chaux-de Fonds.

MCW PankhiBai

For more details, please visit the website:



Millions can walk will attend Fribourg Film Festival 2014

The FIFF is proud to present the premiere screening in Western Switzerland of this impressive documentary by the renowned filmmakers Christoph Schaub and Kamal Musale. At the heart of Millions Can Walk, the question looms: How can one stand up for one’s rights without resorting to force? The directors bear witness to the march, an echo of Ghandi’s cherished passive resistance, in colourful and engaging images. Thierry Jobin  

The documentary will be screened on the 30th of March 2014.

Please, read the article to learn more!



Media interaction with Nandita Das and Kamal Musale at MIFF 2014

After the screening of the documentary ‘Millions can walk’ at Mumbai international film festival, the talented actress Nandita Das shares her support towards the non-violent struggle and to all the people that are contributing with their work to spread and increase the awareness of such movements.

Commenting on ‘Millions can walk’, Kamal Musale said: “We wanted to present it from the point of view of people involved in the march. This is why we had to cast the protagonists in advance and we had to follow them in their villages and saw them in their natural environment before we could follow them during the march”.

Commenting on the release of the film, the actress said: “We think non violence is kind of weakness but I think there is a great amount of strength in this non violence and this is why this march is so special”.  And also “Great things are happing in our country, there are lots of wonderful people who are very quietly doing amazing work but often we don’t have to know”… “Now it’s up to all of us and to the media to spread the word so we create a demand for such films”.

Nandita Das supports the non violent way of action

The talented actress pledges her support towards the non violent struggles as portrayed in the upcoming documentary ‘Millions Can Walk’

Nandita Das & Kamal Musale

Nandita Das & Kamal Musale

The documentary  ‘Millions Can Walk’, which is based on the Jan Satyagraha movement, has been garnering already lot of praise. Directed by Christophe Schaub and Kamal Musale, the film was premiered in India on February 6, 2014 at the Mumbai International Film Festival. Added to the list of admirers is award winning actress Nandita Das. The actress was all praise not just for the documentary but also for the non violent struggle and the principles it stands for.

Nandita & Kamal at the MIFF press conference

Nandita & Kamal at the MIFF press conference

Commenting on the release of ‘Millions Can Walk’, the actress said, “Non violent marches have always been an integral part of India’s struggle against injustice and are considered a momentous way to fight for your cause as it takes a lot of strength to make your point without being aggressive. ‘Millions Can Walk’ tells the story of one such effort by the Adivasis of our country in a very effective way. Surely our country needs more films like these which are made not only for the niche audiences but are also watched by more people because these are stories that need to be seen, told and heard beyond all borders”.


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